Discovering: producing radio commercials

Radio is used all over the world, radio is a source of companionship, news, information and even a source of advertisement this is the case of radio commercials. In this article you will discover the interesting subject of producing radio commercials.

The radio is commonly used by a great number of people, radio commercials are cheaper than television commercials; various companies actually pay to the radios to play their commercials in order to advertise their products or services in an attempt to increase the number of clients.

Concerning commercials there is only one main disadvantage when comparing radio commercials with television commercials; in the radio you don’t see images, you don’t see the products and you don’t see the colors and images and colors can attract your attention and unconsciously trigger in you the desire to possess some product; however in the radio commercials all the success of the commercial will depend on the voice of the person that the company selected to perform the commercial.

Let’s discover what the main steps of producing are:

The first step is to evaluate the type of voice that you need; if you want a commercial about cars then the recommended voice type will be the strong voice of a male person; anyway, you will have to think about what is the target of your commercial, imagine that your target are children and your commercial is about children toys then the recommended type of voice would be a feminine and sweet voice of a young women.

After choosing the type of voice that you want, you will have to search for the right voice and then you have to think about the script, there is no need to say that the person should possess a good voice, the voice should look natural, and the person must possess good linguistic skills.

Another important detail about producing commercials would be the background sound, a good background sound combined with a good voice will result in an outstanding commercial.

Here it goes some examples of good usage of background sound:

If the commercial is about Yoga Lessons; the recommended voice would be calm and low and the background sound would be a relaxing Yoga music (low volume, just for background) or sea waves sound. If the commercial is about a toy for kids, for example, the right background sound would be kids playing and laughing. The right combination of the script, the voice and the background sound will result in a really good radio commercial, this is producing.

There are some tricks that can be used to increase the commercial’s quality, for instance: if the commercial will be heard and directed for U.S. population, then the accent has to be U.S. accent to create an immediate connection with the people who are hearing the radio.

The hard task of producing commercials for radio is difficult than it seems, there are so many details and factors to take in count when the commercial is being planned, once again, the correct voice choice will be the difference between a successful commercial and an unsuccessful commercial.